Warehouse Management System

Tranzone is operating a state of the art Warehouse Management System (Infor 4000/EXCEED) – ensuring that each process step/product movement is documented with RF supported barcode scanner. WMS is supporting expiry date, batch control and capable of administrating serial numbers. Order allocation is –as a standard- following the FEFO rule.

Online WMS Portal

Internet Portal access will enable Tranzone clients to follow up on Warehouse Operations and Inventory situation in real time. Among other things, they can view the work progress of Inbound/Outbound shipments and download Inventory reports.

Information Security System

Tranzone’s ISO27001 certification (Information Security) as well the Disaster recovery plan ensuring additionally that risks are minimized as far as possible.

Data Integration

Data Integration is part of every project implementation. We carefully analyse our client’s needs and capabilities to develop an Integration model that connects its ERP system with our WMS. Eliminating manual entries as much as possible and making sure that our client’s system is automatically synchronized with warehouse operations.