We understand that the stakes are high when it comes to pharmaceutical logistics. That's why we provide our clients with top-notch storage solutions that guarantee the safety and quality of their products. Our temperature-controlled storage facilities maintain optimal conditions, whether it's a cool 15-25°C or chilly 2-8°C. With daily checks by our experienced pharmacists, using advanced sensors throughout the warehouse, we ensure that your products are stored with the utmost care and attention.

Consumer OTC

With OTC Consumer products flying off the shelves, we understand the need for speedy and precise distribution. Our experienced team efficiently handles customer requests, ensuring prompt delivery and accurate distribution.

Medical Device

In addition to pharmaceuticals, healthcare companies also deal with the supply of medical devices. Tranzone has designated, specialized areas for storing medical devices of any size. Drawing on our expertise, we provide top-notch service in handling medical devices, from storage to final delivery, all while ensuring MOH compliance.

Animal Health

At Tranzone, we prioritize animal health and well-being. As a testament to our commitment, we have established specialized warehouse locations for pharmaceutical companies dedicated to animal healthcare. Our state-of-the-art facilities offer controlled temperature storage, enabling us to cater to our customers' specific needs, including 2-8°C temperature storage and a liquid nitrogen room for vaccines.

Cosmetic & Health Beauty

At Tranzone, we understand that most cosmetic and beauty products are classified as 3DG, and we take the necessary precautions to prevent any potential damage or dangerous situations. Our qualified operators receive regular training to ensure that they follow the proper storage procedures and avoid any possible errors. Rest assured that our team is always ready to act swiftly and effectively in case of any issues.

Healthy Nutrition

At Tranzone, we understand the importance of food supplement products in our daily lives. That's why we're committed to ensuring their optimal storage and preserving their composition, whether in tablet or powder form, for our pharmaceutical partners. Trust us to keep your products in top-notch condition for maximum effectiveness.

Waste Program

At Tranzone, we understand the importance of managing pharmaceutical waste and preventing it from re-entering the supply chain. That's why we offer a comprehensive end-to-end waste program that ensures proper sorting and documentation of end-of-life products. Our environmentally-friendly and responsible product destruction system provides you with peace of mind.