Safety & Security

24/7 Security personnel

Tranzone’s site security is provided by an independent company – 24 hours a day and 365 days of the year. Visitor’s access is strictly monitored & controlled. The facility is illuminated at night, all exit doors are alarmed and each door is programmed individually.

Stand-by Power Generator

Tranzone has stand-by Power Generator. This generator have 4000 Gallons fuel capacity and 1000KVA total capacity. Generator can provide power backup of 93 hours on full load.

Backup Cooling system

Tranzone has designed its cooling & chilling structure as over dimensioned so incase of failure of one or two units, temperature will remain the same and there will be sufficient time to repair failed units.

CCTV Cameras

Tranzone has implemented very high end security system. 80+ CCTV cameras are configured with one month recording and under monitoring of 24/7 by Tranzone Security Personnel.

IDS with Dubai Police Support

Tranzone has implemented Intruder Detection System (IDS). This system is monitored by Tranzone Security Personnel on 24/7 basis and also connected to Dubai Police. In case of any intrusion, IDS system will alarm to Tranzone security personnel as well as to Dubai Police. Police will reach in few minutes.

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System

Tranzone has implemented the most advanced network base humidity and temperature monitoring & recording system.

This System has Graphic Recorder which monitors & records the temperature and relative humidity, according to preset reading intervals, through a set of sensors which are placed in selected Locations according to T-Mapping findings.

In Rack Sprinkler System

Tranzone have in rack sprinkler system with independent on-site water supply.