Information Technology

IT Infrastructure & Reliability

World’s top IT leading brands represent Tranzone IT backbone e.g. Infor, DELL, HP, Cisco, APC, Huawei, LXE and Motorola.

Tranzone use a combination of externally and internally developed technological solutions that are flexible, modular and scalable to manage, share or integrate information with customers. These can be adapted to virtually meet any need, and are continually upgraded as necessary.

Standby Database Protection and Replication

Tranzone has implemented database protection and instance replication solution using a famous & reliable application availability software. The solution has provided instance failover to another server in event of live server fails or crash without interrupting the operation.

This solution provides real-time high availability and immediate disaster recovery without interruption of daily operation.

Offsite Media Vaulting & Rotation

Tranzone is maintaining a backup for its operational data of all servers. All databases and critical files will be backed up on daily bases. All data is stored on two copies. One copy will be stored onsite in a fireproof protection safe. The other copy is stored offsite at a GCC leading & approved facility.

Standby Redundant Internet Link

Tranzone has acquired through Etisalat Company a redundant Internet link to ensure operation of electronic data exchange and email communication.

Standby Redundant Equipment

Tranzone maintains redundant IT equipment to replace any hardware in case of failure. This will keep operations running at all times.

Fire Suppression Systems

Tranzone IT server room is protected by FM-200 Fire Suppression Systems.