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We provide the most comprehensive warehousing and logistics capabilities of any logistics company worldwide.

Who we are

For more than a decade, Tranzone has been a proud member of the esteemed Banaja Holding

Earning a reputation as a dependable ally in the world of tailored pharmaceutical solutions. Boasting unparalleled expertise in Warehousing, Logistics, Inventory Management, Documentation and Advanced IT System Technologies. Tranzone is dedicated to fostering strong bonds of trust with all its clients. Whether you need support with your unique business needs or require personalized attention, Tranzone is your go-to partner for exceptional service and unwavering reliability.

Our Solutions

For over 12 years being part of Banaja Holding, Tranzone has proven to be a trusted partner for customised pharmaceutical solutions.

Our Logistic & Health Care Services

We provide the most comprehensive warehousing

Our expertise in warehousing, logistics, inventory management, advanced IT system technologies